Yomim Noraim Info and Reservations - 5782 / 2021


Full schedule TBD

As the Yomim Noraim are fast approaching, plans are underway for our first tefillos in our new home. We will be having two minyanm this year, Main and Netz. The Main minyan will be held upstairs while the Netz minyan will take place downstairs in our newly renovated basement.

The Main minyan will have seating available for both men and women on a first come, first served basis, with members having first priority.

Due to limited space, seating for the Netz minyan will be for men only and priority will be given to prior attendees and members before being available to the general public. Priority will also be given to those who reserve a seat for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Since seating is limited, we are expecting them to sell out fast. 

As many women are unable to attend all of the tefillos, women’s seating is discounted at 30% off the full rate as listed below. We hope to have a few empty seats in the back, free of charge, to accommodate those women who are unable to attend for but a short time. We are also offering kids seats (under bar/bas mitzva) for 50% off the full rate - for the main minyan only.

>>> To reserve your seats and make payment, please click HERE. <<<

Pricing of seats:

  • Members:

    • RH: Men - 150 / Women - 105 / Kids - 75

    • YK: Men - 150 / Women - 105 / Kids - 75

    • Both: Men - 250 / Women - 175 / Kids - 125

  • Non-members:

    • RH: Men - 200 / Women - 140 / Kids - 100

    • YK: Men - 200 / Women - 140 / Kids - 100

    • Both: Men - 300 / Women - 210 / Kids - 150


If you need financial assistance or have any other questions regarding reservations, seats, or payments, please email us at reservations@koyb.org. We look forward to sharing a wonderful Yom Tov together!


The Board of Trustees